Human augmentation tech requires dual use oversight


Research into various human augmentation technologies is progressing with little regard for the ethical consequences, despite its clear dual use nature for both medical and military applications, says Drone Wars UK. Encompassing everything from exoskeletons, robotic prosthesis and bionic eye …

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BT Group simplifies network for quicker live services


Adopting a standardised and cloud-native approach to its business for a “more sophisticated fault-discovery process, coupled with the ability to bring services to market faster and improve customer experience”, BT Group’s Digital Unit has revealed that it is working with …

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‘Excited’ finance firms pump money into digital technology


According to Finastra’s Financial services: State of the nation survey 2023, technology investment is currently constrained for 78% of financial institutions, but 69% expect investments to resume in full in the first six months of 2024. In fact, 87% of …

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DORA raises the stakes for cloud use in financial services


The European Union’s (EU’s) Digital Operational Resilience Act or DORA is a key milestone for the future of the cloud in financial services. It acknowledges the vital role cloud technology plays in the delivery of modern banking services. At the …

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UK police plan national roll-out of facial-recognition phone app


UK police chiefs have announced plans to equip officers with a mobile-based facial-recognition tool that will enable them to cross reference photos of suspects against a database of millions of custody images from their phones. Known as operator initiated facial …

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Eir Ireland transforms contact centres to enhance customer experience


Eir, the largest provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Ireland, has announced what is being called a “transformative” partnership with NTT Data and Genesys. Offering broadband, voice, TV and data services to residential, small business, enterprise and government segments, Eir …

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