UK police plan national roll-out of facial-recognition phone app


UK police chiefs have announced plans to equip officers with a mobile-based facial-recognition tool that will enable them to cross reference photos of suspects against a database of millions of custody images from their phones. Known as operator initiated facial …

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Eir Ireland transforms contact centres to enhance customer experience


Eir, the largest provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Ireland, has announced what is being called a “transformative” partnership with NTT Data and Genesys. Offering broadband, voice, TV and data services to residential, small business, enterprise and government segments, Eir …

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Tips to overcome dating anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious on a first date? While being in love and dating the very same person is an unparalleled feeling, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The idea of losing that person or not being able to …

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5 winter vegetable soup recipes

Winter brings the chill as well as a variety of nutritious vegetables with it. Right from spinach, fenugreek, carrot, and beetroot to cauliflower, cabbage, and peas, there are many vegetables you can enjoy during these cold months. They can be …

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