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Colter Wall – Little Songs Lyrics

Colter Wall - Little Songs Lyrics
Written by Ainnie Allen

Colter Wall – Little Songs Lyrics highly anticipated self-titled album “Little Songs” is scheduled for release on July 14, 2023. Produced by Colter Wall and Pat Lyons, this album is a testament to Wall’s exceptional songwriting abilities. The track Colter Wall – Little Songs Lyrics features Wall’s own heartfelt lyrics and showcases his soulful vocals, accompanied by the skilled musicianship of Russell Patterson on drums, Jake Groves on harmonica, Pat Lyons on steel guitar, and Wall himself on the acoustic guitar.

Fans eagerly await the release of this album, as it promises to be a captivating collection of songs that will resonate with listeners, delivering a blend of emotion, musicality, and Wall’s distinctive storytelling prowess.

 Little Songs Lyrics

There’S An Old Man In The Foothills
And If He Ain’T Dead, He’S Living There Still
Loved Them Little Cuttin’ Horses
All His Life
That’S A High Dollar Habit
He Don’T Mind, He’S Financed It
Building Songs
And Losing Wives
You Won’T Get Much On Mountain Time
Except Older And A Thicker Hide
You Got To Fill The Big Empty
With Little Songs
There’S A Lady On The Highline
She’S Fighting Drought And Her Own Mind
Day By Day, She’S Been Losing
To The Wind
Cause Between The Price Of Feed
And The Moisture She Don’T See
A Gal Considers Selling Out
Or Pitting In
You Might Not See A Soul For Days
On Them High And Lonesome Plains
You Got To Fill The Big Empty
With Little Songs
You Got To Fill The Big Empty
With Little Songs
You Got To Fill The Big Empty
With Little Songs

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