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I AM THAT BITCH lyrics meanings by BIA and Timbaland

Written by Ainnie Allen

I’m That Bitch is a song by American rapper BIA and producer Timbaland, released on August 30, 2019. The song was written by BIA and Timbaland, with additional writing credits from Nija Charles and Brittany “Chi” Coney. Here we will discuss the I AM THAT BITCH lyrics meanings by BIA and Timbaland.

I’m That Bitch is a confident and empowering track that showcases BIA’s energetic flow and Timbaland’s signature production style. The song features a sample from Timbaland’s hit song “The Way I Are” featuring Keri Hilson and D.O.E.

The song was accompanied by a music video directed by Edgar Esteves, which features BIA and a group of dancers performing in a neon-lit club. The video has been viewed over 55 million times on YouTube as of March 2023.

The lyrics meanings of the song:

The song I’M THAT BITCH lyrics meanings by BIA and Timbaland that revolve around themes of power, confidence, and self-worth. In the first verse, BIA raps about her tough exterior and her ability to handle herself in dangerous situations. She references her upbringing & the people who have influenced her. The chorus reinforces her dominance, as she proclaims herself to be “that bitch” & brags about leaving men on reading and killing off her competition.

In the second verse, BIA emphasizes her independence and self-sufficiency, rejecting toxic relationships and insisting on respect. She hints at her past involvement in illegal activities & the obstacles she has overcome. The chorus repeats, with BIA again asserting her dominance & highlighting her ability to throw fits and get what she wants.

The song celebrates BIA’s confidence, strength, and ability to take control of her life and relationships. It encourages listeners to do the same and to assert their power and self-worth.

Reviews of the song:

I’m That Bitch lyrics by BIA and Timbaland received positive reviews from music critics, with many praising BIA’s performance and the song’s catchy chorus. The song has been featured on various music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 & the UK Singles Chart.

Biography of BIA and Timbaland:

BIA is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born on August 16, 1991, in Medford, Massachusetts. Her real name is Bianca Landrau. BIA started her music career in 2014, and she gained recognition in 2016 after she was featured on the song “Safari” by J Balvin and Pharrell Williams. In 2018, she released her debut EP Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado. Which features guest appearances from Kodak Black and Kali Uchis. BIA’s music is a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Latin pop, and her lyrics often reflect her personal experiences.

Timbaland, whose real name is Timothy Zachary Mosley, is an American record producer, rapper, and songwriter. He was born on March 10, 1972, in Norfolk, Virginia. Timbaland’s music career started in the 1990s, and he has produced hits for many famous artists, including Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado. He has won numerous awards for his work, including four Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and an ASCAP Award. To producing music, Timbaland has released several albums as a solo artist & has collaborated with many other musicians. Timbaland is known for his innovative production techniques, which often involve the use of samples and his signature beatboxing style.

The complete lyrics of the song:


Yeah, uh
Brr (Yeah), hah, hah (Grr)
Ayy (Yeah), uh

[Verse 1]

Soon as you see me I up it, I’m gone
I’m really livin’ the shit in my song
Glock in my bag and it don’t got a safety
I make the money, I don’t let it make me
Shout out Diana, she raised me
I’m with my member, he rockin’ a paisley
That’s word to Moula, can’t phase me
I rather cheat before he drive me crazy
I’m that bitch
I’m into guns if they come with a switch
I got a type if he makin’ me rich
And these bitches be watchin’ my page like a twitch
Into one ear and go straight out the mata
I like my niggas the color of Malta
He smokin’ gas and he speakin’ in Patois
I’m tryna put all my opps on a alter
And we smokin’ ya hot like a grabba (Grabba)
I’m a top bitch, I’m a alpha (Alpha)
I’m addicted to money and power, uh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And we smokin’ ya hot like a grabba
I’m a top bitch, I’m a alpha
I’m addicted to money and power, uh (Brr, yeah, yeah, yeah)


She’s a bitch (Yeah)
The way I left that shit on read, he don’t exist (Yeah)
I killed them hoes, they dead, ain’t seen them since (Yeah)
The way I put that shit on, I be throwin’ fits
I’m that, I’m that bitch (Yeah)

[Verse 2]

Change my number so you couldn’t reach me
I’m the truth without gettin’ too preachy
Fuck do I look like lettin’ him treash me? (Uh)
I’m the type to go get my respect
Prolly gon’ die with my foot on they neck
Iron it out ’cause I know when they pressed
Sendin’ him home ’cause he know he a guest, like
I’m a real bitch so I do what I wanna (Do what I wanna)
This nigga toxic, he need him a sauna (Yeah)
I could tell you was a ho from your aura
I limit my drama, I’m havin’ good karma
Buy me a house, boy, if you wanna be with me
You used to women that’s fuckin’ too easily
I used to get to my money illegally
None of my haters is sleepin’ this peacefully
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She’s a bitch (Yeah)
The way I left that shit on read, he don’t exist (Yeah)
I killed them hoes, they dead, ain’t seen them since (Yeah)
I put that shit on, I be throwin’ fits
I’m that, I’m that bitch (Yeah)

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