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ITZY – Bratty (나쁜 애) Lyrics

ITZY – Bratty (나쁜 애) Lyrics
Written by Ainnie Allen

ITZY – Bratty (나쁜 애) Lyrics, a sassy and bold track that exudes unapologetic confidence. Written by an international collaboration of talented songwriters, including Ben Hammersley, Larus Amarson, Michael McHenry, Ellie Suh, Liljune (KOR), and Adrienne (KOR). The song boasts a diverse range of creative minds contributing to its allure. With the dynamic team of Ellie Suh, Liljune (KOR), Ben Hammersley, Adrienne (KOR), Larus Amarson, and Michael McHenry as the lyricists. Bratty promises sharp and empowering lyrics that celebrate self-assurance and owning one’s attitude.

Composed by Ben Hammersley, Larus Amarson, and Michael McHenry. The song’s energetic and edgy melodies perfectly complement ITZY’s fierce vocals and performance style. Arranged by 1993, the track takes listeners on a rollercoaster of bold beats and captivating rhythms. Set to be released under JYP Entertainment on July 31, 2023, “Bratty (나쁜 애)” is sure to captivate ITZY’s dedicated fanbase and music lovers alike, leaving a lasting impact with its unapologetic charm and empowering spirit.

ITZY – Bratty (나쁜 애) Lyrics

[Chorus: Ryujin, Yeji]
Yeah, you make me baddie (Baddie)
항상 같은 식인 걸 (I know)
그 흔해 빠진 놀이 속이 보여 훤히
가려지지 않는 걸 (No)
날 선 그 눈빛
매일 질투 섞인 야윤
참 재밌게도 prove me, 이런 아이러니?
넌 좀 배가 아플 듯 (Hm, look at you)

[Verse 1: Yuna, Chaeryeong]
You call me bad, 그래 나쁜 애
언제나 제멋대로 건방지대, yeah (I’m bad)
참 말은 쉬워 그냥 뱉어낸 독 (You know)
아무것도 나를 모르면서
I like 질투 어린 너의 맘이
나를 더 눈부시게 만들 테니
그래 떠들어봐 실컷 talkin’
뻔한 그 속을 잘 알거든

[Pre-Chorus: Yeji]
하나둘씩 다 벗겨진 face
예쁜 가면 뒤 늘 화가 나 있지
Wait, 자 여기 봐 봐, cheese, I’m close up
화내지 말고 너 좀 웃어봐, posing

[Chorus: Lia, Yuna]
I’m bratty (Bratty)
항상 같은 식인 걸 (I know)
그 흔해 빠진 놀이 속이 보여 훤히
가려지지 않는 걸 (No)
뱉어내 bad things
나를 끌어내릴 이윤
참 재밌게도 prove me, 이런 아이러니?
넌 좀 배가 아플 듯

[Verse 2: Ryujin, Lia, Yuna, Chaeryeong]
눈엣가시, 그게 나지
널린 gossip 같은 건 이젠 sweetest (Ooh)
Oh, 너 맘껏 떠들 때 (Okay)
Oh, 난 바삐 발을 떼
I just do what I do
가까워져 가는 꿈 (Ah-ah)
전부 난 웃어넘길게

[Pre-Chorus: Yeji, Yuna]
언제까지 머무를래
See, 내일로 난 계속 나아갈 테니
Wait, 잘 지켜봐 네 자린 거기
나는 앞으로 내일을 향해 posing

[Chorus: Yeji, Chaeryeong]
I’m bratty (Bratty)
항상 같은 식인 걸 (I know)
그 흔해 빠진 놀이 속이 보여 훤히
가려지지 않는 걸 (No)
뱉어내 bad things
나를 끌어내릴 이윤
참 재밌게도 prove me, 이런 아이러니?
넌 좀 배가 아플 듯 (Ooh-ooh)

[Bridge: Lia, Chaeryeong, Yeji]
I’m too cool for ya (Oh-oh)
I’m too cool for ya (Oh-oh)
Just keep talking ’bout me (Yeah, oh)
내가 나빠서
네 맘이 편하다면 (Ooh)
You just keep talking ’bout me
뭐라 해도 난 그냥 나일 테니

[Chorus: Yuna, Ryujin, Lia]
I’m bratty (Bratty; Oh)
항상 같은 식인 걸 (I know; Oh)
그 흔해 빠진 놀이 속이 보여 훤히
가려지지 않는 걸 (No)
날 선 그 눈빛
매일 질투 섞인 야윤 (매일 질투 섞인 야윤)
참 재밌게도 prove me, 이런 아이러니? (Ooh, ooh)
넌 좀 배가 아플 듯 (Ooh, wee)

[Outro: Ryujin]

Explanation of the song:

Itzy – Bratty (나쁜 애) is a song by the South Korean girl group ITZY. The song showcases a bold and confident attitude, embracing one’s uniqueness and not conforming to societal norms. The lyrics reflect a sense of self-assuredness and empowerment, refusing to be affected by negative opinions or gossip.

The members of ITZY assert that they are “bratty” and proud of it, expressing their individuality and breaking free from expectations. They acknowledge that they may be seen as rebellious and arrogant by some,  they choose to remain true to themselves and their own style.

The song repeatedly mentions being “baddie” and not hiding behind masks or pretenses. It encourages others to stop judging and talking about them, as they will continue to move forward confidently and positively.

The track also touches upon jealousy and how the members find amusement in proving their worth instead the irony of the situation. They challenge those who try to bring them down, expressing their determination to rise above negativity.

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