NVIDIA DGX GH200: Supercomputer with 256 Grace Hopper Chips and 1 Exaflop for AI

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The NVIDIA DGX GH200: Supercomputer with 256 Grace Hopper Chips and 1 Exaflop for AI, is a groundbreaking system that pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) computing. With its cutting-edge technologies and impressive capabilities, the DGX GH200 is poised to transform the field of AI research and development.

Unleashing Unprecedented Power: The Architecture

At the heart of the DGX GH200 lies its powerful architecture, designed to maximize AI processing capabilities. Comprising 256 “superchips” featuring NVIDIA GH200 GPUs+CPUs, the system leverages the advanced Grace Hooper architecture. This unique design sets the foundation for unprecedented performance and efficiency.

Seamless Integration: NVLink Interconnect System

The DGX GH200 incorporates the innovative NVLink interconnect system, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among the 256 superchips. With NVLink, these individual chips operate harmoniously as a single, unified GPU unit. This streamlined interconnectivity ensures efficient data transfer and processing, delivering optimal performance.

Unrivaled Computing Power: 1 Exaflop Milestone

Paving the way for new frontiers in AI computing, the DGX GH200 achieves an extraordinary milestone with its 1 exaflop of computing power. This exceptional level of performance empowers researchers and developers to tackle complex AI workloads at an unprecedented scale. The DGX GH200 sets a new standard for computational capabilities in the AI realm.

Expansive Memory Capacity: 144 Terabytes Shared Memory

With 144 Terabytes of shared memory, the DGX GH200 offers a vast storage capacity, ensuring efficient handling of large-scale AI workloads. The ample memory space provides researchers with the flexibility to process and analyze extensive datasets, enabling advanced AI models and algorithms.

Optimized Performance: Grace CPU and Tensor Cores Integration

To further enhance performance, each GPU in the DGX GH200 is equipped with an ARM NVIDIA Grace CPU and Tensor Cores NVIDIA H100. This integrated architecture brings together the power of CPU and GPU processing within the same package. By eliminating the need for slower PCI Express interfaces, the DGX GH200 achieves faster data processing speeds while reducing energy consumption.

NVLink Innovation: Unprecedented Bandwidth

The DGX GH200 stands as the world’s first supercomputer to combine Grace Hooper chips with the NVLink interconnect switch system. This groundbreaking integration catapults the system’s NVLink bandwidth to 48 times that of previous generations. The increased bandwidth significantly enhances data transfer speeds, unlocking new levels of efficiency and performance.

Driving Generative AI: GPT and Beyond

As a supercomputer designed for generative AI systems, the DGX GH200 is ideally suited for executing complex models such as GPT and its variants. The system’s immense computing power and memory capacity enable researchers to train and deploy advanced generative AI models, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Broad Accessibility: Cloud Service Providers

Initially, the DGX GH200 will be available on major cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Meta (Facebook), and Microsoft systems. NVIDIA’s vision extends beyond these platforms. As they plan to offer the DGX GH200 as a foundation for other cloud service providers. This broader accessibility ensures that organizations across various industries can leverage the power of the DGX GH200 for their AI initiatives.


The DGX GH200 supercomputer represents a quantum leap in AI computing. Its advanced architecture, powered by the Grace Hooper chips and NVLink interconnect system, enables unmatched performance and efficiency. With its remarkable computing power, expansive memory capacity, and focus on generative AI. The DGX GH200 opens up new possibilities for AI research, development, and innovation. By making it accessible through leading cloud service providers, NVIDIA is democratizing AI. And empowering organizations to harness the full potential of this groundbreaking supercomputer.

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